April 24, 2017
Fighting Counterfeiting From All Sides
Counterfeit products are becoming more prevalent and difficult for the average consumer to distinguish. In 2015, over 8% of the total smart phones sold in the EU – approximately 14 million – were counterfeit. These products present a serious danger to consumers and businesses alike and UL continues to work diligently to combat the issue…. read more
February 22, 2017
UL Participates in the First United Nations World Data Forum
February 22, 2017
The Future of Business, Delivered by Drones
October 31, 2016
UL Launches “Close Your Door” Pledge to Help Prevent Fire Deaths
June 13, 2016
More time to wait until the EU MDR and IVDR are ready
April 12, 2016
UL Launches Cybersecurity Assurance Program
As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, harder to protect against, and more costly than ever, security precautions are critical. There will be 21-50 billion connected devices by 2020, according to Gartner and other industry reports. By 2018, it is predicted that 66% of networks will have an IoT security breach*. The security and financial risks impacting… read more
February 5, 2016
UL Acquires Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Software Company
The purchase of cr360, a market leader in environment, health and safety management and sustainability software, enables UL to offer comprehensive platform to customers
November 9, 2015
UL Fire Safety Research Institute Co-organizes 3rd annual “Structure Fires” Conference in Poland
April 15, 2015
Behind the Scenes: Assessing Wearable Battery Safety
April 15, 2015
UL Consumer Products Launches Verification Program and New Mark for the Dietary Supplements Industry